Meet the Creative Team

Author Linda J. Cronin

The Author

Positopia World, The Hidden Portal, is a fun and imaginative children’s book by Linda J. Cronin. It tells the story of Jack, a young boy who sometimes has a hard time dealing with big feelings. However, Jack soon learns of different ways of coping with anger, fear and other emotions by using calming techniques and verbalizing his feelings. This book is a wonderful way to teach children how to cope with difficult situations they may encounter in their daily lives.

Linda lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with her two children, who were adopted from Guatemala in 2008, and their three awesome cats. She is the president of her own Civil Engineering company, the founder of the non-profit Help Children Heal, and the inventor of an interactive therapeutic toy and a board game for adopted and foster children with trauma. She is passionate about helping children overcome their trauma through fun books and toys. She is also an award-winning photographer and avid hiker.

Positopia World, The Hidden Portal is available for purchase on Amazon now!

The Illustrator

The illustrations in a picture book truly bring the pages of the story to life. They help capture the child’s attention and help them understand and remember the story that is being read to them. John F. Sullivan beautifully brought Positopia World, The Hidden Portal to life with his illustrations. 

John F. Sullivan received his Art and Education training at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, The British Film Institute at the University of Sterling, Scotland, and CALARTS school for Animation in Valencia, California. He taught Cartooning, Animation, and Theater at Barnstable High School for 32 years and was inducted into the National Teacher’s Hall of Fame in Emporia, Kansas in 2004. He has done animations for Turner Feature Animation, Radio Disney for the Walt Disney Company, and a commercial for the local Pizza Shark company. He wrote and drew a series of children’s books, “The Hershkins”, for Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, and he drew a children’s book about the importance of planting trees, titled My Tree and Me for wOURld productions.

Illustrator John Sullivan.